Bat Bulletin Board Kit – Free Printable For Classroom Display

bat bulletin board kit for classroom display customizable for fall autumn with activity pages

Bat Classroom Decor Bulletin Board Kit

This bat bulletin board kit is sure to add some fangtastic fun to your classroom decor! There are several ways to integrate this easy to print and cut out vibrant set into your lesson plans and fall display, so keep reading for can’t miss tips and details!

Looking for other bat science activities?

Check out my bat parts free printables for an extensive leveled set for teaching, practicing, and assessing student knowledge on bat parts.

The Style

This kit features a bat theme with fun stars, stripes, and moons in a bright color palette of green, blue, purple, white, and yellow. This set is fun for Halloween, but with the versatile color scheme, you can display it anytime of year.

NOTE: I do not get paid for saying this, but I do like the Astrobrights colored cardstock paper sets, and I know many teachers who do too! Their cardstock packs are pretty easy to find here in the U.S. online, at office supply stores, and other big box stores. So, to help you out, I’ve color coordinated this kit to match the colors in the Astrobrights “Primary Colors” pack, which features the colors Gamma Green, Solar Yellow, Planetary Purple, and Celestial Blue (noted on the front of the paper pack).

So, if you only have access to a black and white printer, you can print the black and white options in this bulletin board kit onto the colored cardstock paper to brighten your display!

Don’t worry if you don’t have Astrobrights cardstock. This printable kit works beautifully on regular white cardstock as well. Plus, I have colored background options that you can print with color ink to achieve the same look.

What is included in the display kit?

  • Borders (2 per page, 3 inches x 10 inches each)
    • Purple and white stripe border
    • Multicolor moon and stars border
  • Cute bats
    • 4 color options: purple, green, yellow, white, and blue
    • 2 sizes: 6 inch and 3 inch
  • Stars
    • 5 color options: purple, green, yellow, white, and blue
    • 2 sizes: 7 inches and 3 inches
  • Moon
    • A yellow 9 inch tall crescent moon
  • Tracing and coloring pages
    • 3 options: 1 bat, 1 moon, 1 star
    • Includes a colorable image and traceable word and beginning capital and lower case letter
  • A huge typography pack!
    • A variety of whole word options (which make it easy to quickly cut out and display your design!)
      • We
      • Are
      • Batty
      • About
      • Learning
      • Grade levels (preschool through 5th grade)
      • Academic subjects, including:
        • math
        • social studies
        • science
        • reading
        • stem
        • technology
        • health
        • PE
        • music
        • art
      • Saying No (perfect for Red Ribbon Week in October, for a say no to drugs display)
      • Other inclusive terms:
        • Our group
        • Our team
        • Our class
        • Our school
      • All include black text with 5 background color options: purple, green, yellow, blue, and white
    • Individual letter boxes for fully customizable phrases
      • 4.5 inch letter blocks
      • All black text, with 4 background color options: white, blue, green, purple, and yellow
      • All letters of the alphabet, plus “!” and “?”

How can the bat bulletin board kit be used?

Cover your bulletin board, wall, or door with a coordinating color of butcher paper (black would look great!) and check out one of these ideas:

Easy Student Work Display

Show off your students’ marvelous work! Use some of the premade whole words above to display your kids’ skills! A couple of cute phrases include: “We are batty about…” and “Our fangtastic work!”

Daring Drug Free Red Ribbon Week Display

Have your students each color and cut out a bat or write each student’s name on a colored bat and display them on a board with the phrase, “We are batty about saying no!”

Festive Classroom Wall Or Door Display

we are fangtastic bat bulletin board classroom door wall display free printable

Choose a cute phrase to cut out and adhere to the door, such as “Our class is fangtastic!” or “We are batty about learning!”

Have each student color a bat or write each students’ name on a bat and display it on the classroom door with your awesome phrase for all passersby to see your batty group!

Tips For Printing

I recommend printing these pages on cardstock or matte photo paper for best durability and print quality.

Again, the color palette in this set coordinates with the Astrobrights “Primary Colors” pack if you have it on hand, or are interested in purchasing it for use with a black ink only printer.

Laminating also helps with durability and is great for reusing your prints in the future.


Click on the blue link below to download the PDF file. Save it to your device, and print as many as you like for your own use.

This file is free for non-commercial use.  You are free to use it at home, in your classroom, school displays, at church, etc.

NOTE: If you would like to share this free printable with others, please do so by sharing a link to my website instead of sharing the file with others. This helps to drive traffic to my blog, so that I can continue to make great free printables for you!

You may not use or reproduce these pages or images for profitable purposes. (See terms and conditions.)

Bat Bulletin Board Kit PDF File

How will you make a bat-tastic display?

Share your ideas in the comments! I love when educators help each other out!

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