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Hello and welcome! 

I am Allison, creator of thefairyprintsess.com.  

My journey to becoming The Fairy Printsess began quite some time ago…

After undergraduate school, I knew I wanted to choose a career path where I could use art and creativity to make a positive difference in the world.  I found my way into the world of education in the public school system and worked as a teacher for children with Autism and then a trainer supporting teachers and students in special education.  During this time, I earned a master’s degree in special education in the realm of multiple and severe disabilities with a focus on Autism.  As an educator, I loved using creative methods to develop activities that were engaging and enjoyable for my students, incorporating their interests, art, movement, music, and fun.  

After having my first baby, I decided to focus full time on mom life, and I am still loving raising my three beautiful, bright, and energetic girls!  (My little darlings are also the inspiration for The Fairy Printsess name, given their love for all things sparkly and regal.) Some time into motherhood, I decided I wanted to try to do it all: be a full time mom, homeschool, and find a way to use my artistic and educational skills to help others.  While I certainly have not mastered juggling it all, this is how my inspiration for The Fairy Printsess came about.

The Fairy Printsess is all about providing fun, easy, time-saving, printable resources for fellow creatives, celebration planners, DIYers, caregivers, and educators.  I know what it is like to be an exhausted parent who needs an easy activity for the kids to do, so you can catch your breath for just five minutes, or to be scrambling at the last minute to find cute holiday decorations two days before your upcoming event.  I also know how it feels to be an overwhelmed teacher working against the clock to get your classroom ready for open house or scouring the internet for inspiration for a unique and engaging lesson idea for your students.  So, everything I create here is designed to serve those who want to feel a little less like the stressed out Cinderella and a bit more like royalty at the ball.  

So, thank you for visiting.  Know that you are not alone in the hustle and bustle of daily life, and I hope you find the resources here to be helpful, encouraging, and uplifting.

Many Blessings!

Allison, The Fairy Printsess

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