Writing Numerals Practice – Free Pre-K and Kindergarten Printables

Writing numerals practice doesn’t have to be boring! Today I have a variety of free printables for teaching little ones to write numerals. You can read through the descriptions here or skip to the bottom to download the set.

If you would like to reuse these pages…

My favorite way to use these numeral writing printables for my little ones is to laminate them, so my kids can use them over and over again for regular handwriting practice. Have your kiddos use washable markers, and then you can easily wipe them clean with a damp paper towel, baby wipe, or cloth when done.

Large Numeral With Word Pages

These pages feature a large numeral with the corresponding word. Numerals 0 to 20 are included. These are great for beginners who are just learning to form numerals up to those who are learning how to spell numerals. Here are some ways to use these after you print them:

  • Place them in a shallow bucket with a thin layer of sand, flour, salt, etc. on top, so your child can trace the numerals with his/her finger.
  • Use dot markers to trace the large numerals. I used these in the classroom when I was a teacher, and kids love them! They can be very messy though, so you may want to cover clothing and furniture.
  • Color the pages with markers, crayons, colored pencils, etc.
  • Fill the number shapes with fun little stickers. Help your child count and match the number of stickers to the numeral on the page.
  • Fill the number shapes with fun small snacks (small cereal pieces, candies, sprinkles, etc). Help your child match the number of snack pieces to the numeral on the page.

Medium Size Numeral Tracing Pages

These pages are great for little hands that have mastered tracing the larger numerals. Kids can trace them with pencil, crayons, markers, etc. (See my tips above if you would like to laminate and reuse them.) There are 2 options: 0 to 9 and 1 to 10. I think teaching 0 to 9 covers all the bases for writing the numerals, but there’s a fun Dr. Jean song that walks you through the numeral formation for 1 – 10, called “The Numeral Song.” (It’s easy to find on youtube.) My girls enjoy writing the numerals as Dr. Jean sings through the formations. So, we use both pages to practice writing the numerals.

Numeral Copying Pages

These pages are designed for kids who have the basic formation down and are ready to practice writing numerals on their own. A traceable model of each numeral is included with a three lined space next to it for copying. Two options are available (just like the medium size numeral pages): numerals 0 – 9 and 1 – 10. Again, see my recommendations above if you prefer to reuse these pages.


  • For writing tasks, I recommend allowing your child to use the writing utensil with which he/she is most comfortable (crayons, colored pencils, markers, etc.) If your little one is still working on using the proper grip, then shorter, chunkier utensils (such as a fat crayon or marker) will help. Long, skinny utensils are more difficult to grasp.
  • If you are going to laminate and reuse the pages, I highly suggest using washable markers and crayons. In my experience, the non-washable markers and crayons are not easily removable from lamination. I have only tried Crayola brand washable markers; however, I would guess that other washable markers would be water soluble and would work the same, if you want to try a different brand.
  • I have tried dry erase markers on laminated pages but was not impressed with how difficult it is to remove the ink when my kids are done writing. I had to use rubbing alcohol, and it still didn’t come off completely. So, I don’t recommend dry erase markers.

Details for Downloading

Click on the file below to download it. Save it to your device, and print as many as you like.

These pages are free for non-commercial use.  You are free to use them at home, in your classroom, etc.

You may not use or reproduce these pages or images for profitable purposes. (See terms and conditions.)

Numeral Writing Set PDF File

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