Free Printable Spider Activities For Learning Spider Parts, Vocabulary, and Colors

free printable spider activities for learning spider parts, vocabulary, and colors

Today, I have some free printable spider activities you can do with your kids! Keep reading to find out more, or scroll to the bottom to go ahead and download them.

If you would like to reuse these pages…

After I printed these spider pages for my littles, I laminated them, so my kids can use them over and over again. You can easily do this at home too. You can use washable markers and crayons on the laminated pages, and then wipe them clean with a damp paper towel, baby wipe, or cloth when you are done.

Spider Color Matching

free printable spider activities color matching

These spider sorting pages are perfect for younger children who are learning colors. Simply cut out the individual spider squares and color cards. Then, have your child match the spiders to the correct color cards. Colors included are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, grey, white, and black.

Spider Vocabulary Pages

free printable spider activities vocabulary beginner and advanced

There are two vocabulary pages and the words are separated based on difficulty. Your child can trace and/or copy the words to practice spelling and writing the spider vocabulary terms. The beginner level page includes the words legs, eyes, web, spider, eggs, prey, fangs, bite, silk, orb, sac, venom, and predator. The advanced level page features the words exoskeleton, cephalothorax, arachnid, opisthosoma, pedicel, spinneret, chelicera, and pedipalp.

Spider Parts Pages

free printable spider activities label parts of spider cut and paste

This set includes four pages total: two labeled spider pages (one with a black spider image and red text as well as one page with a multicolor image and text. In addition, there are two pages for practicing labeling parts. One page includes words your child can cut out and paste onto the corresponding parts of the spider. For more advanced learners, the other page features a spider image with blank boxes for your child to write in the corresponding spider parts. The spider parts covered are: legs, opisthosoma (abdomen), spinnerets, pedicel, eyes, chelicera (fangs), pedipalps, and cephalothorax (head body).


  • For writing tasks, I recommend allowing your child to use the writing utensil with which he/she is most comfortable (crayons, colored pencils, markers, etc.) If your little one is still working on using the proper grip, then shorter, chunkier utensils (such as a fat crayon or marker) will help. Long, skinny utensils are more difficult to grasp.
  • If you are going to laminate and reuse the pages, I highly suggest using washable markers and crayons. In my experience, the non-washable markers and crayons are not easily removable from lamination. I have only tried Crayola brand washable markers; however, I would guess that other washable markers would be water soluble and would work the same, if you want to try a different brand.
  • I have tried dry erase markers on laminated pages but was not impressed with how difficult it is to remove the ink when my kids are done writing. I had to use rubbing alcohol, and it still didn’t come off completely. So, I don’t recommend dry erase markers.

Details for Downloading

To download the free printable spider activities, click on the files below. Save them to your device, and print as many as you like.

These pages are free for non-commercial use.  You are free to use them at home, in your classroom, etc.

You may not use or reproduce these pages or images for profitable purposes. (See terms and conditions.)

Spider Color Matching PDF File

Spider Vocabulary PDF File

Spider Parts PDF File

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