U.S. Coins Free Printable For Teaching Coin Names and Value

U.S. coins free printable money value plus tracing and handwriting page

Need a visual for teaching your child the value of U.S. coins? I have just the page for you!

This free printable includes life size visual representations for each coin, including penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and half dollar. A traceable coin name and it’s corresponding valued amount are featured as well as a triple line space to copy the coin names and values.


  • This is a great printable to use for regular practice, so laminating is a great option.
  • Washable markers (which you can find just about anywhere) are perfect for writing on laminated pages! A quick wipe with a damp paper towel, baby wipe, or cloth, and it comes right off! Plus, if your little one makes a lot of stray marks (like mine), it wipes off of tables and other hard surfaces easily. Note: They have to be the washable markers. In my experience, the markers that do not say washable will not come off of lamination easily. I have only tried Crayola brand washable markers. I would guess that other washable markers would be water soluble and would work the same, if you want to try a different brand.
  • I have tried dry erase markers on laminated pages but was not impressed with how difficult it is to the remove the ink when my kids are done writing. Sometimes, I had to use rubbing alcohol, and it still didn’t come off completely. So, I don’t recommend dry erase markers.
  • Washable crayons work too, but some colors are more difficult to see on the lamination. However, the washable crayon marks are easily removed with a damp cloth.
  • Make sure to print the page at 100% or original size if you want the coin images to be life size.

Details for Downloading

Click on the file below to download it. Save it to your device, and print as many as you like.

These pages are free for non-commercial use.  You are free to use them at home, in your classroom, etc.

You may not use or reproduce these pages or images for profitable purposes. (See terms and conditions.)

US Coins Printable PDF File

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