Free Printable Sweater Weather Bulletin Board, Classroom Display, and Craft Set

sweater weather bulletin board classroom display set free printable for school

Sweater Weather Classroom Display and Craft Set

This sweater weather classroom display and craft kit features all the cozy pieces to warm up your space this winter. It’s totally free and easy to download and print. Keep reading for more details about how to use the kit, or scroll to the bottom if you are ready to dive right in to dressing up your winter space!

How Can You Use This Sweater Weather Set?

This display set is the perfect wintry addition for your:

  • Classroom wall displays
  • School bulletin boards
  • Classroom door displays
  • Feature walls in your homeschool room
  • Scrapbooking: Add decorative elements from this set to your winter/holiday themed scrapbooks or memory books
  • Gift wrapping: Cut out the trees, snowflakes, and other decorative pieces to personalize your gift wrapping.
  • Winter or holiday decor: Use the trees, snowflakes, or sweater cut outs to make holiday garland or add them to furniture or other decorative items, like candles or bowls, to jazz them up for the season.
  • Fun activities for the kids! This is my favorite way to use this set, as it’s a fun creative outlet for the kiddos. As a matter of fact, as I was working on my computer to design the set, my oldest was begging me to print them out so she could decorate them! Simply print out the sweater templates, and allow your little ones to decorate and cut them out. Super simple, fun, and easy!
    • Here are some festive ways your favorite little people can decorate them:
      • Paint your sweaters: Washable paint is always a staple in my house! (Tempera or the water color paint sets are great for the little crafters too.)
      • Color them with crayons, markers (dot markers are fun!), or colored pens. My girls love the metallic and smelly pens you can find in the craft section at many stores.
      • Glue on fun little craft embellishments like glitter, buttons, beads, sequens, or stickers.
      • Glue on scraps of fabric or yarn to give your sweater some fun texture.
    • Hang your beautiful sweater creations around your home, classroom, or anywhere you want to add some bright and cozy vibes.
    • You can even use these for a crafty version of the tacky sweater or ugly sweater competition at kids’ parties, Christmas or other holiday parties, classroom parties, and more!

What Is Included In The Sweater Weather Set?

This set includes:

  • Bulletin board borders in a sweater print design (3 x 10 inch strips, two per page)
    • Red, light blue, and cream design
    • Pink, light blue, and cream design
  • Sweater texture typography to make the words “Sweater Weather”
    • Two size options:
      • 5 inch height
      • 8 inch height
    • Two color options:
      • Pink sweater text with red borders
      • Light blue sweater text with green borders
  • Sweater texture evergreen trees
    • Four color options:
      • Red with cream sweater trees
      • Pink with light blue sweater trees
      • Light blue with red sweater trees
      • Green with pink sweater trees
    • Four size options:
      • Full page sweater trees: ~ 9 inch height (1 per page)
      • Half page sweater trees: ~7 inch height (2 per page)
      • Quarter page sweater trees: ~5 inch height (4 per page)
      • Mini sweater trees: ~3 inch height (10 per page)
  • Snowflakes
    • Two snowflake color options:
      • Light blue and white snowflakes
      • Pink and white snowflakes
    • Four snowflake size options:
      • 7.4 inch snowflakes (1 per page)
      • 5 inch snowflakes (2 per page)
      • 4 inch snowflakes (4 per page)
      • 2 inch snowflakes (12 per page)
  • Sweater templates
    • Seven sweater template style options:
      • Blank sweater templates to customize however you like
      • Zig zag stripe sweater templates
      • Single stripe sweater templates
      • Heart sweater templates
      • Diamond pattern sweater templates
      • Snowflake sweater templates
    • Three sweater template size options:
      • 6.5 inch by 10 inch sweater templates
      • 4.5 inch by 7 inch sweater templates
      • 3.3 inch by 5 inch sweater templates

Tips For Printing

Choose the best print quality that you have available in your printer options.

If you are printing this set for display or other purposes that require more durability, I recommend printing these pages on cardstock or matte photo paper to help them last. Laminating your project pieces can help them last longer as well.


Click on the blue link below to download the PDF file. Save to your device, and print as many as you like for your own personal use.

These files are free for non-commercial use.

You may not use, reproduce, or modify these images to sell or for any other profitable purposes.

You also may not repost or redistribute these images on stock or free download websites. (See terms and conditions.)

NOTE: If you would like to share this free printable with others, please do so by sharing a link to my website instead of sharing the file with others. This helps to drive traffic to my blog, so that I can continue to make great free printables for you!

Sweater Weather Display and Craft Set PDF File

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I love when folks come together to share ideas! How will you use this sweater weather set?

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