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Smiley Face Apple Banner Free Printables

An apple banner with smiley faces is just what you need to spruce up and brighten any learning setting! Whether it’s back to school or apple harvesting season in September and October, this banner is a great way to add some brightness and fun to the mix!

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The Details

This banner set includes:

  • Apple cutouts, including the following styles:
    • Apple only (no face)
    • Apple with smiley face
    • Apple with winky face smile
    • Apple with shut eye smile
    • Apple with smiley face and glasses
    • Apple with white letters (A through Z included)
  • 2 inch decorative circles (perfect to use as spacers between the apple cutouts):
    • 3 color options:
      • Green
      • Brown
      • White

How can I use these apple banners?

The most obvious way to use these banners is to cut them out and string them up to decorate your space, but there are other ways to utilize them too!

Matching Activities

Print 2 copies of the apples with letters (or apples with faces) and cut them out. (Laminating is helpful too, if you plan to reuse these for various activities or multiple children.) Then, you have a ton of options for activities, but here are just a couple:

  1. Matching game: Stick velcro onto the front of one set of apple letters and/or faces, then put velcro on to the back of the other set. Then, adhere the set of apple letters with velcro on the front onto a vertical surface (poster board, bulletin board, back of a book shelf, etc). Place the other set of apple letters/faces (with velcro on their backs) into a basket (bonus points for a cute little wicker basket, which would be so festive!) and have your child draw apples from the basket to stick on to the matching apples.
  2. Play apple memory: Grab a few of the letters or faces and their copies (3-5 matches), and spread them out on a flat surface facing down. All players of the game take turns flipping over 2 cards to find a match. If you find a match, then you keep the apples and go again. If you don’t find a match, then it’s the next player’s turn. Continue until all of the matches have been found. This can be played independently as well, if you want to give your kiddo a solo activity for a bit.

Custom Activities

Print several of the blank apple cards (with no text or face) and cut them out. Write your own text or draw your own illustrations on the apples to create various games:

  • Case match game: Cut apples in half, and write upper case letters on one side and lower case letters on the other side. Then, students can put the apple pieces together to practice matching upper and lower case letters.
  • Shape match game: Draw a shape on each card and the corresponding name on different cards. Have students match the shapes to their names.
  • Kindness activity: Place several apple cards in a basket where others can access it. Place a roll of tape next to it for easy access as well. When you catch someone in an act of kindness, jot down a word of praise on an apple card and tape it on a nearby bulletin board, refrigerator, or other vertical surface.
    • Or, you can write down ways people can show kindness to others and display them for all to see.

Apple ABC Order Game

This game is super quick and easy to set up! Simply print and cut out one set of apple letters. Mix the letters up and have your child line them up in alphabetical order. This is a great activity to spread out on the floor, so you’re kiddos can move around a bit while they work.

Apple Labels

Use the blank apples to label spots or items around your home, classroom, or office. Simply write your custom text on the apple cut outs and place them where you like.

This is great for teaching literacy in the natural environment! Use the apples around your home or classroom with the word or starting letter for the word to label common objects.

Tips For Printing

Choose the best print quality in your printer settings. (This will vary by printer.)

I recommend printing these pages on cardstock or matte photo paper for best durability and print quality.

The banner cut outs can be laminated to reuse for other events, activities, etc.


Click on the blue link below to download the PDF file. Save it to your device, and print as many as you like for your own use.

This file is free for non-commercial use.  You are free to use it at home, in your classroom, school displays, at church, etc.

NOTE: If you would like to share this free printable with others, please do so by sharing a link to my website instead of sharing the file with others. This helps to drive traffic to my blog, so that I can continue to make great free printables for you!

You may not use or reproduce these pages or images for profitable purposes. (See terms and conditions.)

Apple Banner (Smiley) PDF File

How will you use these smiley apples?

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