Free Printable To Do Lists – Great for Organizing! Available in 3 colors!

What better way is there to get organized this spring than with a free printable to do list?  I’ve got just the thing!  Scroll down to read more and download yours!




Free Printable To Do Lists

Every to do list is different, right?  To help you get organized, I created three different color sets of to do lists: peach, green, and black.  In addition, each set contains three different list types: a one column page, a two column page, and a four column page.  So, you can personalize and/or color coordinate your lists too!  Below, you will find easy to download PDF files for each set (by color).  Download and print as many as you like.  Happy organizing!


Details for Downloading

Simply click on the PDF file(s) you desire to download and save them to your device.

This art is free for non-commercial use.  So feel free to use it for DIY projects, crafts, parties, classroom purposes, and more!

You may not use or reproduce this art for profitable purposes. (See terms and conditions.) Enjoy!

Peach To Do List Set PDF File

Green To Do List Set PDF File

Black To Do List Set PDF File


Tips for Printing Images from The Fairy Printsess:

  • I recommend using heavy card stock, matte photo, or presentation paper for greater durability and print quality.
  • Print color and quality vary based on your type of printer and print settings.  Adjust your print setup to the highest quality print setting for maximum clarity and color vividness.
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