Multiplication Chart and Table Printables – Over 60 Free Pages

Multiplication Chart and Table Free Printables

I created the most comprehensive set of multiplication chart printables and multiplication table printables that you can find! Plus, they are all free! You can read the descriptions and check out the preview images below. Scroll all the way to the bottom to download the files you would like to use.

Learning Multiplication

Most students begin learning multiplication around 3rd grade in the United States. A good foundational knowledge of addition facts (up to 10+10) and subtraction facts (up to 20-10) is a beneficial prerequisite to help students grasp how multiplication works and to build on mathematical understanding of future concepts and skills.

Important Tips For Teaching Multiplication

  • Make sure your child/student has a basic understanding of how multiplication works before practicing facts (e.g. multiplying 4×2 means making 4 groups of 2, etc).
  • Use visuals (i.e. draw pictures, use small manipulatives, etc) to help your child understand what is happening when we multiply. For example, present your child with 4 groups of 2 blueberries to show 4×2.
  • Use real life multiplication examples when they pop up in your daily activities. For example, if you are figuring out how many treats to get for a birthday party with 10 guests, talk with your child about how putting 5 treats in each guest’s bag is the same as 10×5. Showing how we use math in our every day routines helps students to see that it is relevant and important in our daily lives.
  • Work within one table at a time focusing on easier tables first and working up to harder ones. (Note: An example table would be all 2s: 2×0, 2×1, 2×2, etc.)
  • Each child learns at a different pace. Start with smaller chunks and work up from there based on how quickly your child is understanding and remembering facts. You don’t want them to get overwhelmed and shut down. Some children may memorize an entire table in one day, while others may need to focus on a few facts within a table at a time. The key is to work with the pace that is best for your child to avoid boredom and/or frustration.
  • Don’t forget to make it fun! Search for engaging times table songs and videos online that your child enjoys, or make up your own! Play multiplication games too! There are online multiplication games and even games you can buy. However, you don’t have to spend money. Just shooting a ball into a hoop each time your child gets a fact correct, is a simple way to make multiplication more exciting! Incorporate a game/activity your child loves to make learning multiplication more engaging.

What’s Great About These Multiplication Printables

  • I created these multiplication charts and tables with the intention of meeting the needs of a variety of learners.
  • A multitude of color options allows you flexibility in how you present multiplication facts.
    • Monochrome (black/white/grey) and neutral options allow you to present charts and tables without overwhelming an individual who is sensitive to bright colors.
    • The black and white options also provide flexibility for you to highlight, color, and/or write on the tables and charts to meet your child’s learning needs.
    • Multiple color options can make learning math facts more fun and help the child feel more involved in the learning process by allowing him/her to choose a color to work with.
    • The rainbow options provide additional cues for visual differentiation between multiplication facts/sets that can be tailored to your student’s needs.
    • Highlighted multiplication charts also make it easier to visually discriminate which facts to focus on when learning new sets.
  • Using individual tables (1 per page) allows you to present chunks of information as you are teaching facts, so your child is not overwhelmed.
  • Full page times tables (0 to 12) make it easy to review and reference mastered facts.
  • Multiplication charts with numbers allow you to teach, reference, and review math facts.
  • Blank multiplication charts provide opportunities to:
    • Teach new facts by filling them in with your child
    • Assess mastered facts by having your child fill them in

Multiplication Tables

My printable multiplication tables are presented in 2 basic formats (multiple color options):

  • 1 times table per page (great for teaching one table at a time)
  • All of the times tables from 0 to 12 on one page (great for reference and review once facts are mastered)

Multiplication Charts

I have a variety of multiplication charts (all from 1×1 to 12×12 and in multiple color options) for your math learner. Here’s a brief description of each type:

  • Basic multiplication charts that include numbers
  • Blank multiplication charts without numbers
  • Highlighted multiplication chart pages (each page highlights one set of facts (e.g. all the 6 facts). The highlighted charts are available in pink, yellow, and blue with a grey background.

These printables are designed to print on standard letter size (8.5 x 11 inch) paper.

I recommend printing on heavy duty card stock or matte photo paper for the best durability and color quality.

Details for Downloading

Click on the links below to download the PDF files. Save to your device, and print as many as you like.

These pages are free for non-commercial use.  You are free to use it at home, in your classroom, etc.

If you would like to share these free printables with others, please share a link to my website.

You may not use or reproduce these pages or images for profitable purposes. (See terms and conditions.)

Highlighted Multiplication Chart Downloads

Chart and Table Sets (Organized By Color)

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