Grain Sack Gift Tags – Vintage Farmhouse Style For Christmas!

Printable grain sack gift tags are here just in time for Christmas gift wrapping!

grain sack gift tags farmhouse style christmas

Grain Sack Gift Tags

I’m so excited to release some Christmas printables!  Over the next few weeks, It’s going to be all about printables for the most wonderful time of the year.  So, check back each Monday for something new!

Today, I have grain sack gift tags that feature a vintage farmhouse style.  There are three PDF files available for download that include 3 different stripe color options: red, green, and blue.  So, download one, or download them all!  It’s up to you.  Each sheet contains 8 tags measuring 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches.  Print as many as you like!

Details for downloading:

Below, you will find the easy to download PDF files, each with 300 DPI high quality images.  Simply click on the link and download the file(s) to your computer.  It’s that easy!

This art is free for non-commercial use.  So feel free to use it for DIY projects, crafts, classroom purposes, and more!  You may not use or reproduce this art for profitable purposes. (See terms and conditions.) Enjoy!

Blue Grain Sack Gift Tags PDF File

Red Grain Sack Gift Tags PDF File

Green Grain Sack Gift Tags PDF File


Tips for Printing Images from The Fairy Printsess:

  • I recommend using heavy card stock, matte photo, or presentation paper for greater durability and print quality.
  • Print color and quality vary based on your type of printer and print settings.  Adjust your print setup to the highest quality print setting for maximum clarity and color vividness.
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