Fruit of the Spirit Poster

This printable art features the fruit of the spirit, which is recorded in Biblical scripture (Galatians 5:22).  The text is arranged in a vintage eye chart fashion.  One print includes all black text.  The other includes the letters, J-E-S-U-S in red.  

fruit of the spirit poster print

Details for downloading:

I have provided two 11 x 14 inch poster size PDF files below that are easy to download and print.  This art is free for personal use.  If you would like to reduce the size of the file in order to print at home, you can do so in your printer settings.  (Printer settings vary but you can usually find a ‘fit to page’ option, ‘shrink oversized page’ option, or choose a custom scale to reduce the print size).

You may not use this art for commercial purposes. (See terms and conditions.) Enjoy!

Fruit of the Spirit 11×14 Poster PDF

Fruit of the spirit 11×14-JESUS-Poster PDF




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