Garden Planner Free Printable Set – Calendars, Trackers, Lists, and More!

Spring has sprung, and I am so excited to release this garden planner free printable set!

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Gardening is a wonderful activity to enjoy, whether it’s vegetable gardening, ornamental gardening, small gardening, large scale gardening, or anything in between! I have recently been working to start my own garden. While it is so much fun, I never realized how overwhelming it can also be. So, I created these garden planning printables to help me to get organized and be more efficient. I know gardening is going to be a path of trial and error for me, but I am planning to have fun documenting and learning from the journey. If you would like to do the same, feel free to download the set below.

Happy Gardening!

Garden Planner Set Details

This set includes the following pages:

  • Garden Big Ideas Planner
    • Write down all the beautiful ideas you have for your garden: colors you enjoy, plants you love, vegetable or ornamental (or both!), water features, hardscaping, lighting, and anything else you want in your garden. Get it all down in one place, so you can start making your gardening dreams come true!
  • Garden Layout Design
    • Sketch out your garden designs on this page which includes grids to help you visualize your ideas. (Tip: print several of this page! Then you can sketch several designs and see which you like the best.)
  • Garden Project Planner
    • Plan your various garden projects with separate to do lists and space to notate your start date, due date, and completion date.
  • Garden Planting Planner
    • Keep track of your planting by month. This page includes space to list your plants and notate the months for planting.
  • Garden Budget Planner
    • Create a budget for your garden by allocating a total budget and allowances for each category of items you want to buy. You can also list the items and price for each, so that you can generate a total for each category.
  • Garden Expenses
    • Expenses can always pop up even after you have created your garden budget. You can keep track of them with this worksheet that allows you to create a list of items you need to buy and how much they will cost.
  • Garden Watering Planner
    • Since all plants have different watering needs, this planner can help you create a visual reminder to keep track of them all. For each column on the page, assign a frequency for watering (once a week, twice a week, etc.) and list all of the plants underneath with that watering requirement. In addition, since watering needs change throughout the year, you can print a page for each season. Plus, If you go out of town, you can leave this sheet with the friend or family member who will care for your green darlings while you are away.
  • Garden Seed Tracker
    • If you like to start your plants from seed, this is the planner page for you! Track all of the details from start to finish with this sheet. Document the plant name/variety, source, purchase date, indoor or outdoor start, start date, transplant date (if applicable), garden location, and additional notes.
  • Garden Plant Tracker
    • This page allows you to keep track of your live plants. Document the plant name/variety, source, purchase date, plant date, garden location, and additional notes.
  • Garden Plant Lists
    • You can use this page to plan which plants you want to have in your garden or you can use it to document the plants you already have in your garden. If you would like to use it as a planning tool, make sure to find out your hardiness zone (if you haven’t already) by looking at the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map and typing in your zip code. You can also notate the types of sun exposure you have in your yard (full sun, part sun, part shade, and full shade) in which you want to plant.
  • Garden Harvest Tracker
    • Print this page to keep track of your harvests for the year. You can document the plant name/variety, harvest date, quantity/weight, and add additional notes. Plus, multiple harvest date and quantity columns are included, since many plants will produce more than one in a year.
  • Garden Pests and Problems
    • Problems can arise even with the healthiest and best cared for plants. Keep track of any issues with this page. You can notate the plant name/variety, the pest/problem, the treatment, treatment date, whether it was successful, and add any additional notes.
  • Garden Watering Tracker
    • In the hottest times of the year or if you have a plethora of plants, it can be challenging to keep track of irrigation in your garden. This sheet allows you to track when your plants are watered. Plus, you can check off morning and/or afternoon each day, and make notes for each type of plant.
  • Garden Crop Rotation
    • Rotating your crops can help your plants flourish. This page allows you to document a five year rotation schedule including the bed/area of your garden and a list of the crops in each.
  • Garden Fertilization and Amendments
    • Keep track of fertilizing, composting, and other types of soil amendments for any plant in your garden.
  • Garden Weekly Planner
    • If you like to keep a weekly plan for your garden, then this page is for you. It includes a column for each day of the week and a notes section at the bottom. You can use this page for an ongoing list of tasks you complete every week, or print a page for each week for new tasks.
  • Garden Monthly Planner
    • Keep a monthly visual of your gardening tasks with this calendar. You can print one for each new month and write in the dates. This page also includes a notes section at the bottom.
  • Garden To Do
    • This page is a general garden to do list with circles you can check when tasks are completed.
  • Daily Garden To Do
    • This page is great if you prefer to have a daily checklist of gardening tasks.
  • Weekly Garden To Do
    • This checklist is perfect for those who prefer a garden checklist for each week.
  • Monthly Garden To Do
    • Track your monthly tasks with this checklist.
  • Garden Journal
    • Print this page (as many times as you’d like!) to document your wonderful gardening journey.
  • Garden Seed Packets
    • Harvesting seeds for next year or to give away is one of my favorite parts of gardening. Print this page to easily make your own seed packets. Each page features two seed packets with labels for the plant name, color, date collected, and other notes. Easy to follow instructions are included as well.

Additional Info

Each page of this garden set prints on 8.5 x 11 inch (standard letter size paper). No resizing is necessary. So, you can easily print every page you need and slide them into a 3 ring binder or folder to keep all of your garden plans together. Furthermore, this set was designed in black and white (grayscale), so you can spend your money on plants instead of color ink (yay!).

Details for Downloading

All of the garden planner printables are available in one easy to download 8.5 x 11 inch PDF file below. Simply download to your device and print! Again, no resizing needed.

This set is free for non-commercial use. 

You may not use or reproduce these pages or images for profitable purposes. (See terms and conditions.)

Garden Planner PDF File

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